Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies

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Vol 5 No 3 (2023)
Published October 2, 2023
Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies

The third issue of 2023.

Since 2023, the journal has been publishing html versions of articles. This enables machine translation of the article text into the reader's native language in favour of breaking down language barriers in academic research

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General Theory

Anastasia A. Lisenkova, Elena O. Trufanova
Digital Escapism — From Addiction to Asceticism
Abstract views: 56 | Galleys Downloads: 30 Galleys Downloads: 12
pdf (Русский) html (Русский)
Elizaveta I. Speshilova
Urban Imaginary: City Image and Media Space
Abstract views: 34 | Galleys Downloads: 30 Galleys Downloads: 4
pdf (Русский) html (Русский)

New Media and Human Communication

Lixiong Chen, Nairui Xu
Public Response to Government Information on Weibo: Friction, Contestation, and Crisis Communication During the 2018 Shouguang Flood in China
Abstract views: 25 | Galleys Downloads: 16 Galleys Downloads: 5
pdf html
Olga V. Popova, Nikolai V. Grishin
Political Trust of the Russian Youth Through the Prism of Communication Strategies Choice
Abstract views: 35 | Galleys Downloads: 25 Galleys Downloads: 4
pdf (Русский) html (Русский)
Elena I. Salganova, Sergey S. Bredikhin, Elizaveta V. Shchetinina
Media and Information Literacy of Young Students in the Post-Truth Era
Abstract views: 28 | Galleys Downloads: 28 Galleys Downloads: 8
pdf (Русский) html (Русский)
Lejonis Aanris van Haaske
How Media Create Ghosts: Paranormal Experiences in the Cultural Space of Modern Russia
Abstract views: 30 | Galleys Downloads: 19 Galleys Downloads: 21
pdf (Русский) html (Русский)
Dmitriy A. Chernichkin, Anastasiya I. Krivenko
Analysis of Users’ Sentiments in Social Media (on the Example of the Astrakhan Region)
Abstract views: 17 | Galleys Downloads: 5 Galleys Downloads: 3
pdf (Русский) html (Русский)

Game Studies

Fan Li, Liuyan Y. Song
Video Game Music and Cultural Dissemination: A Study of Honour of Kings as a MOBA Game
Abstract views: 64 | Galleys Downloads: 34 Galleys Downloads: 6
pdf html

Body Oriented Media Theory

Ahmet Oktan, Kevser Akyol Oktan, Gülsüm Büşra Çon
Modular Bodies of Animated Characters and Posthumanist Connotations
Abstract views: 703 | Galleys Downloads: 185 Galleys Downloads: 7
pdf html


Rastyam T. Aliev
Crossing the Threshold: School Shooting as a “Ritual of Chiral Initiation”
Abstract views: 184 | Galleys Downloads: 21 Galleys Downloads: 19
pdf html
Maksym W. Kyrchanoff
Visual Rhetoric of Classical European Nationalism
Abstract views: 18 | Galleys Downloads: 8 Galleys Downloads: 4
pdf (Русский) html (Русский)
Emilia A. Tajsin
Signification and the Problem of Truth
Abstract views: 15 | Galleys Downloads: 14 Galleys Downloads: 4
pdf html

Critics & Reviews

Nikolai B. Afanasov
The Discreet Charm of the Soviet Things
Abstract views: 19 | Galleys Downloads: 13 Galleys Downloads: 5
pdf (Русский) html (Русский)
Ivan V. Suslov
Mythologization of Time in the Contemporary Media Landscape
Abstract views: 18 | Galleys Downloads: 12 Galleys Downloads: 3
pdf (Русский) html (Русский)
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