The Subject of Error: the Myth of the Subject in Media Reality
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modern subject media reality myth virus ideology coincidence error technical media community existence being techniques of subjectivity subject of error

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Volokhova, A. (2020). The Subject of Error: the Myth of the Subject in Media Reality. Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies, 2(1), 120-142.


This article examines how subjectivity exists in different types of paradigms: traditional, humanistic, modern. Modeling the subject is shaped through the concept of myth, which allows us to explore certain techniques of subjectivity. The aim of this article is to show how subjectivity exists and functions in the situation of media-reality. The main thesis of the article: the subject is possible today only as an error in the system, a failure in the matrix. The author offers his concept of the subject – “the subject of error”, which represents modern torn subject-community. Such a model of the subject is taking into account problems of media reality: ambivalence, instability and technical mediation. The era of technical media creates media reality – the natural environment for the subject of error, which plays a messianic role in the production and change of the world. The concept of the subject of error, proposed by the author, solves the problem of a split subject, which already always acts in the dual status of subject and object, but continues to operate in media reality.
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