Gastronomic Practices of Salvador Dali and Media
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Media environment, PR campaigns, Salvador Dali, image, gastronomic practices, food, gourmet, enlightened taste, «Les Diners de Gala»/«Gala Dinners», surrealism

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Iakovleva, E. (2019). Gastronomic Practices of Salvador Dali and Media. Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies, 1(2), 97-119.


The object of the study were PR-actions, organized throughout the life of Salvador Dali. They had a shocking, scandalous and controversial character, contributing to the popularity rating of the artist himself, as well as of various publications and television channels. A huge number of media projects of the genius supported the interest in him, and also contributed to the promotion of his ideas, advertising, creativity and lifestyle. Gastronomic practices can be attributed to the number of practices recorded and launched into circulation in the media environment. Since childhood, Salvador Dali has paid particular attention to food, considering that the creative process depends on the taste and its quality. The theme of food is significant for the artist: it was played up not only in his artistic creations, designer masterpieces, but also various public appearances. He recorded his gastronomic preferences in photographs, videos, including commercials, and also mentioned them in interviews and books. Through gastronomic vocabulary and metaphorical comparisons of situations / people with food, Salvador Dali expressed his feelings for life. Salvador Dali was a gourmet, so his gastronomic taste set the tone not only in Bohemia, but was also perceived as an advertisement for the best restaurants, food and dishes by the mass consciousness.
pdf (Русский)


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