Vol 5 No 1 (2023)
Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies

The first issue of 2023.

Since 2023, the journal has been publishing html versions of articles. This enables machine translation of the article text into the reader's native language in favour of breaking down language barriers in academic research

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Mass Culture

Barbara Grobelna
Once in a Season – The Pragmatic Function of Fuck in “BoJack Horseman” TV Show
Abstract views: 166 | Galleys Downloads: 143 Galleys Downloads: 198
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Elena E. Zavyalova
The Phenomenon of Krotovukha in the Light of Epistemology
Abstract views: 109 | Galleys Downloads: 95 Galleys Downloads: 45
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Media & Journalism

Ayse Narin, Ayşen Temel Eğinli, Cemile Kübra Deviren
Traditional Media at the Beginning of the Unknown: Managing Health Uncertainty through TV News Programs in Turkey
Abstract views: 101 | Galleys Downloads: 124 Galleys Downloads: 17
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Nikolay S. Babich, Bogdan S. Senchilo
Relationship between Press Mentions and Brand Awareness
Abstract views: 64 | Galleys Downloads: 159 Galleys Downloads: 11
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Md Nurus Safa, Jiang Jinzhang, Tahera Akter
Prospects for Women in Journalism in Bangladesh
Abstract views: 88 | Galleys Downloads: 126 Galleys Downloads: 18
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Lü Hui, Zhang Yuanyuan
Critical Discourse Analysis of the RIA Novosti News
Abstract views: 66 | Galleys Downloads: 114 Galleys Downloads: 26
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Aleksey A. Tselykovskiy, Ivan V. Suslov, Andrey G. Ivanov, Serguey P. Sidorov
The “NMDNI” Project: Social Reception Research
Abstract views: 29 | Galleys Downloads: 30 Galleys Downloads: 19
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New Media and Human Communication

Artur A. Dydrov, Sophia V. Tikhonova, Irina V. Baturina
Artificial Intelligence: Metaphysics of Philistine Discourses
Abstract views: 47 | Galleys Downloads: 109 Galleys Downloads: 12
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Anastasia N. Gulevataya, Regina V. Penner
Language of Existential Experience of a Person in the Digital Age
Abstract views: 66 | Galleys Downloads: 125 Galleys Downloads: 14
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Game Studies

Sofya A. Rezvushkina
Videogames as a Digital Attempt to Touch the Mythological
Abstract views: 80 | Galleys Downloads: 142 Galleys Downloads: 12
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Critics & Reviews

Ivan V. Suslov
Review of the Book “Peter I in Media Memory” by Denis S. Artamonov & Sophia V. Tikhonova
Abstract views: 38 | Galleys Downloads: 113 Galleys Downloads: 9
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Alexander V. Pavlov
An Apology of Contemporary American Horror Remakes
Abstract views: 52 | Galleys Downloads: 135 Galleys Downloads: 30
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