The Beginning of Ukrman – a Fighter against the Evil and the Coronavirus


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Lange, A. (2020). The Beginning of Ukrman – a Fighter against the Evil and the Coronavirus. Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies, 2(3), 245-272.


Comics have a big task in Ukraine: Through them nation is built, historical events are discussed and identity is constructed. In 2018 Ukraine’s first superhero was introduced: UKRMAN. In the past, the Cossacks have been the heroes of Ukraine and were also portrayed in various comics. But in a time when the national integrity of Ukraine is tested through an armed conflict in the East, a new superhero is sorely needed. The comic combines the past (Communist era with the Chernobyl nuclear accident) and the present of Ukraine in a unique way. The article will show why the implementation of a new superhero (especially his look, his behavior and the background of the plot) is necessary for Ukrainian nation building. The symbols UKRMAN uses tend to unify the country by giving it a superhero everybody can identify him- or herself with. The message of the comic is that someone does not have to wear a cape to be depicted as a hero. The comic as the beginning of a project with videos and merchandise is the first one of that kind in Ukraine.


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