Vol 2 No 2 (2020): Media, Culture and Society in Africa and Asia. Part 1. Nigeria
Media, Culture and Society in Africa and Asia. Part 1. Nigeria

This experimental issue was planned as an attempt to start a big project consisting of several special issues analyzing media and communication problems in the regions of Africa and Asia. It so happened that in the process of working on the first issue we faced a certain dilemma: to make the whole issue on Africa, or to focus our attention on one country. As a result, the choice was made for Nigeria. To be more exact, our editors have convinced us that such an issue should start with Nigeria, because in this country, as a certain optical instrument, many problems typical for other African countries have been reflected. We hope that this attempt will serve as a starting point for other special issues in which similar problems in other regions will be discussed. At least this year, we intend to make another issue, but already on Asia.

This issue presents contemporary debates on topics raised in media, cultural and social studies in Africa's ever-changing mediascape. The authors critically analysed current theoretical advances in communication, culture and society; evaluated theoretical and epistemological approaches to regional research; and discussed the relevance of development models in various national media.

The issue may be of interest to a wide range of readers, from those working in African studies to those interested in media and communications studies.

Guest Editors: Ben-Collins Ndinojuo & Aniefiok Udoudo (University of Port Harcourt. Port Harcourt, Nigeria)

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Ben-Collins Ndinojuo, Aniefiok Udoudo
Introduction to Special Issue
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Subaltern Studies and Media

Ibitayo S. Popoola, Tosin A. Adesile, Ibrahim O. Odenike
A Comparative Discourse on Media Practice in Colonial and Post-Colonial Nigeria
Abstract views: 1447 | Galleys Downloads: 608

Media Literacy Skills

Ben-Collins Emeka Ndinojuo, Walter Ihejirika, Prof., Godwin Okon, Prof.
Sources of News about Military Operations against Boko Haram Insurgents in Nigeria Newspapers: a Content Analysis Investigation
Abstract views: 968 | Galleys Downloads: 351
Emmanuel Ikpgegbu, Dr., Walter Ihejirika, Prof.
Newspaper Coverage of Issue-based Political Statements and Campaigns in Nigeria’s Electoral Process (November 2018 – February 2019)
Abstract views: 1160 | Galleys Downloads: 488

New Media and Human Communication

Silas Udenze, Olisa Junior Aduba
Online Advertising in Nigeria: an Examination of Approaches in Facebook and Instagram
Abstract views: 1306 | Galleys Downloads: 601

Cinema Studies

Joseph M. Lucas, Dr., Fatima D. Vakkai, Tordue Simon Targema
Mirroring the Conflict Situation of the Oil-rich Niger Delta Region of Nigeria on the Screen: A Thematic Analysis of the Film - Black November
Abstract views: 590 | Galleys Downloads: 325

Critics & Reviews (outside the theme)

Ivan Denisov
How to Write a Cult Book on Cinema
Abstract views: 379 | Galleys Downloads: 270
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