Vol 5 No 2 (2023)
Galactica Media: Journal of Media Studies

The second issue of 2023.

Since 2023, the journal has been publishing html versions of articles. This enables machine translation of the article text into the reader's native language in favour of breaking down language barriers in academic research

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General Theory

Gennady V. Bakumenko, Igor L. Biryukov, Nina F. Scherbak, Anna G. Luginina
Hierarchical Metamodel of Communication in the Experience of Resacralization of Spiritual Practics
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Sergei O. Buranok, Margarita I. Tuluzakova
Visualization of the Battle for Stalingrad in the US Society
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Cinema Studies

Ubong Andem Obong, Eme Iniobong Ukpabio, Samuel Asukwo Etifit
Film, Propaganda, and the “New Nigeria” National Philosophy: Deconstructing the Latent Socio-Political Themes in Bright Obasi’s Film “If I am President”
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Murat Şahin
The Water Myth in Cinema: From the Fountain of Youth to the Flood – the Hero’s Journey in Films
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New Media and Human Communication

Tatiana N. Kalugina, Maria V. Timchenko
Digitalization of Higher Education in 2021 – Challenges for University Students In Russia
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Sofia K. Kalashnikova, Anna D. Puzanova
The Potential of Applying Social Network Analysis to Evaluate Cross-Regional Online Interaction among Russian Youth
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Denis S. Martyanov, Galina V. Lukyanova
Time Strategies of Virtual Communities
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Elina B. Minnullina
Time as Duration in Artistic Communication
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Critics & Reviews

Arthur A. Dydrov, Sofya A. Rezvushkina
Peter I Digital: From Historical Narratives to Mythologems of Digital Space (Review)
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Eduard E. Safronov
Can We Win the Battle against Windmills?
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